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Paint by numbers has captured a special place in the hearts of hobbyists and art lovers alike. Both relaxing and rewarding, this creative activity allows anyone to create a masterpiece with just a few brushstrokes. What started as a simple way to learn the basics of painting has become a beloved hobby for many. The result is not only a personal work of art, but also a piece that has special meaning for its creator.

However, once the painting is completed, the question often arises: “How do I hang this?” Traditional frames are an option, but they can be expensive and don’t always emphasize the unique charm of the painting. This brings us to the dilemma of hanging these works of art in a way that both preserves the beauty of the painting and fits into a modern interior.

Why choose to hang without a frame?

Aesthetic reasons : Hanging a painting without a traditional frame offers a sleek, modern look that blends seamlessly into a minimalist interior. The lack of a frame puts the emphasis on the artwork itself, giving more attention to the colors and details. This approach fits perfectly with contemporary decor styles, where less is often more and where the art itself plays the leading role.

Practical Considerations: In addition to aesthetics, there are also practical benefits to hanging your painting without a frame. One of the most obvious benefits is cost savings. Traditional frames can be expensive, especially if they need to be custom-made for unusual sizes. In addition, hanging without a frame offers more flexibility. It is easier to change or move the painting, which is ideal for those who like to refresh their decor regularly or rotate their artwork.

In the following sections, we’ll explore two popular and stylish methods of hanging your paint-by-numbers artwork without traditional frames: the magnetic frame and the DIY wooden frame.

Option 1: Magnetic Frame

What is a magnetic frame?

A magnetic frame is an innovative and stylish way to hang artwork without the use of a traditional frame. This type of frame consists of four wooden slats that are attached to the top and bottom of the artwork. Magnets are embedded in the slats, making them easy to stick together, with the cloth clamped between them.

Advantages of a magnetic frame:

Ease of assembly: The magnetic strips make it easy to assemble and remove the frame. No tools or permanent attachment are required, making it ideal for temporary or rotating displays.
Does not damage the canvas: Because the canvas is clamped between the magnetic strips, it is not damaged by nails or staples, which is often the case with traditional frames.
Flexibility in positioning: The light weight and simple design allow the painting to be easily moved and repositioned.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Place the top and bottom of the painting between the magnetic strips.
  • Make sure the canvas is straight and centered.
  • Attach the magnetic slats together. The force of the magnets holds the cloth in place.
  • Hang the painting using a string or wire attached to the top slats.

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Option 2: Wooden DIY Frame

Making a wooden frame:

A DIY wooden frame is an excellent option for those who like to add personal touches to their works of art. It requires some basic tools and some dexterity, but the result is a custom, durable frame that fits your painting perfectly.

Advantages of a wooden DIY frame:

Personal customization: You can customize the frame to fit the specific size and style of your painting.
Durability: Wooden frames are sturdy and can last a lifetime, making for a durable option.

Simple guide to make a wooden frame yourself:


  • Four wooden slats (length adjusted to the dimensions of the painting)
  • Wood glue
  • Nails or screws
  • Sand paper
  • Paint or stain (optional)


  • Saw
  • Hammer or screwdriver
  • Measuring tape


  • Measure and cut the wooden slats to the desired length.
  • Sand the edges of the slats to make them smooth.
  • Arrange the slats in a rectangular shape around the painting.
  • Attach the corners with wood glue and reinforce them with nails or screws.
  • Let the frame dry.
  • Optional: Paint or stain the frame for a finished look.
  • Secure the painting in the frame with small nails or clamps.

By following these instructions, you can create a unique and personal frame that enhances the beauty of your paint by number artwork.

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Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

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