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Furnishing your living space requires careful choices. Start by selecting color schemes. Color is everywhere: in the walls, the carpeting, furniture and decorations. Choose one primary color and add up to three secondary colors for harmony. Which shades combine well in a living room? Your choice depends on personal preference. Do you prefer vibrant colors or subtle earth tones? There are commonly used color combinations that go well together. Here are some unique, playful and elegant color palettes for your living room!


Green, Black and Gold: Perfect Color Combination for the Living Room

Green is currently a trendy basic color. As a symbol of nature, green brings relaxation and tranquility. This color represents balance, harmony and renewal, ideal for a living room. Green combines easily with other colors. In a green living room you often see combinations such as green/blue, green/black, and green/gold. These color palettes fit perfectly in industrial interiors.

Green Living Room: Wall Decoration Ideas

A green living room requires suitable wall decoration. The rise of botanical posters, featuring images of plants, succulents, cacti, palm trees, leaves and flowers, reflects the popularity of green interiors. These can range from photo posters to vintage art plates. Combine real plants with decorative elements for a unique urban jungle botanical atmosphere.

Blue with Gold or Ochre: A Stylish Combination for Living Room and Bedroom

A popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms, blue symbolizes tranquility, peace, confidence, balance and stability. This color, beautiful in all its shades, serves as a versatile base color. Light blue creates a bright, airy atmosphere, while darker shades such as turquoise give a stylish look. Blue can be excellently combined with gold or ocher yellow. Imagine a room with blue walls, complemented by ocher or gold elements. These colors can be found in cushions, accessories and wall decoration, creating a harmonious and elegant whole.

Cool, Natural Living Room: Colors that Go Together

Men often choose colors such as black, brown and white for their living room, especially in cool, raw or industrial styles. These earth colors together form a perfect harmony and create a balanced atmosphere. A combination of black and white with accents of brown or gray is a safe, timeless choice.

Cognac, a trendy color, can be found everywhere these days, especially in furniture such as a sofa or upholstered chairs. This shade of brown goes great with white, which makes the room appear larger, while brown adds body and warmth. This combination of cognac and white can easily be implemented in the choice of furniture and paint, creating a unique industrial interior.

Lifelike Animal Posters for an Industrial Interior

A color combination such as cognac and white requires appropriate wall decoration. Interior posters can easily extend this color combination to the walls. Consider a set of three stylish posters in brown tones, or opt for an impressive eye-catcher, such as a black and white lion poster on dibond, plexiglass or aluminum. This creates a cool element in the room, perfectly matching a raw and industrial interior.

Color choice for the Living Room: Personal Preference and Inspiration

When choosing colors for your living room, it is essential to go for shades that appeal to you personally. Although you can choose from the previously mentioned color combinations, it is important that the colors reflect what you like. The 1/3 rule, in which you use one basic color and a maximum of three additional colors, provides a reliable guideline and reduces the chance of style errors.

To get ideas and inspiration, you can look at other living rooms, for example on residential boulevards or online. By drawing inspiration from various sources, you can gain unique ideas for filling your own living room with beautiful colors that reflect your personal style and taste. Also check out our online store if you want to decorate your home with Painting by Numbers sets or want to create a Painting by Numbers photo of your own !

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