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About 40,000 years ago, a remarkable evolution in human development took place. In the caves of the Danube, located in the Swabian Alb, Ice Age people began to create images of people and animals and made the world’s first musical instruments. These artistic and musical expressions can be traced back to the Aurignacian period of the Paleolithic.

The caves in the Swabian Alb, an area in Baden-Württemberg, contain some of the earliest works of art and symbols indicative of an emerging modern human consciousness, including music, rituals and various spiritual beliefs.

The objects that have been reproduced as replicas originate from excavations in these caves and are approximately 35 to 40,000 years old. They are made of mammoth ivory and are among the oldest known forms of figurative art .

What is intriguing is the fact that 36,000 years ago, this ancient civilization was already able to create musical instruments with impressive acoustics.

The “Venus of the Hohle Fels”, found in the earliest strata of the Aurignacian, was groundbreaking. This artifact set three records:

  1. The oldest sculpture in the world.
  2. The earliest figurative depiction of a human being.
  3. The earliest three-dimensional depiction of a woman.

As for the “Lion Man”, it has been associated with shamanic practices on several occasions. It has been suggested that the shaman, during a trance, would interact with spirit entities. The creator of this particular artifact, which is approximately 32,000 years old, is said to have had such trance experiences himself.

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