14 All-weather activities

In the evenings after work, during the weekend or during holidays, free time activities are an ideal way to spend your time usefully and enjoyably, and to gain new experiences. However, choosing the right leisure activity for specific circumstances can be challenging. Sometimes the weather is not ideal, or you are looking for something different from […]

How to clean Paint by numbers brushes?

How to clean your paint by numbers brushes

After you’ve been working on your paint by numbers and have completely filled in a number, it’s important to clean the brush thoroughly. If you allow acrylic paint to dry, it can be very damaging to the brushes. This might necessitate buying new brushes. By properly cleaning them with the provided Paint by Numbers Shop […]

Paint by Numbers: The Essential Starter Guide for 2024

A canvas coming to life with vibrant colors, depicting the joy of paint by numbers.

Painting is one of the most popular art forms in society, having been around for centuries. People from all walks of life enjoy viewing artworks. There’s a natural affinity for paintings, and certain colors evoke different emotions in people, leading to a pleasant experience when viewing an artwork. There’s something about the colors, shapes, and […]

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