Digital Art for Beginners: Your First Steps

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Digital art, a form of creative expression that uses digital technology, offers a world of possibilities for beginners. This art form is accessible, versatile and allows you to broaden your artistic horizons. From drawing and painting to complex 3D modeling, digital art opens new doors to creativity.

Soft and Hardware

The basis of digital art lies in the right tools. Some essential items are:

  • Drawing tablets: Devices such as the Wacom tablet or iPad with a stylus offer a natural drawing experience.
  • Software: Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or free alternatives such as GIMP and Krita, are essential for creating works of art. Choosing the right tools depends on your preferences and the type of projects you want to undertake.

First Projects

Start with simple projects to get familiar with your tools. Some ideas are:

  • Character Design: Create an original character starting with basic shapes and adding details.
  • Landscape Drawings: Practice drawing natural or urban landscapes to learn perspective and use of color. These projects will help you build basic skills and increase your confidence in digital art.

Tips and Tricks

Some useful tips for aspiring digital artists include:

  • Layer Usage: Learn how to use layers in your software for non-destructive editing.
  • Blending Modes: Experiment with different blending modes to create unique effects.
  • Brush Settings: Adjust your brushes to achieve different textures and effects. These techniques help you gain more control over your digital artwork.


Digital art requires constant practice and experimentation. Explore different styles and techniques to develop your skills. As with traditional art forms, such as paint-by-numbers expert, the process of learning and growing in digital art is an adventure that is both challenging and rewarding. With patience and practice, your skill and confidence will grow, allowing you to create your own unique digital masterpieces.

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Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

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