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Painting is one of the most popular art forms in society, having been around for centuries. People from all walks of life enjoy viewing artworks. There’s a natural affinity for paintings, and certain colors evoke different emotions in people, leading to a pleasant experience when viewing an artwork.

There’s something about the colors, shapes, and patterns that sparks our imagination. The colors, textures, and shapes all combine to create a visually stimulating experience that can be soothing, relaxing, or exhilarating. There are countless reasons why painting is visually appealing, but the most common are its ability to evoke positive emotions or provide a calming escape from stress. We often turn to artworks when feeling down or lonely, as they offer a way to momentarily escape our reality. We all have an inner artist, and we all admire and appreciate artworks. However, only a few of us know how to create paintings.

Paint by numbers is a type of painting that allows anyone of any age, gender, and skill level to create beautiful paintings. It’s a popular art form where people paint using pre-numbered sections on a canvas. These sections usually have colors and patterns, and people use these to create a painting.

In this blog, you will find the latest tips for the year 2024 regarding paint by numbers. This essential guide will be very useful to you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced painter. If you are trying paint by numbers for the first time, you will find it a breeze and won’t have to deal with problems that result in learning this art the hard way.

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by Numbers is a fun hobby in the world of art. This art form has been a game-changer for painting, allowing millions of people to realize their dreams.
Its popularity is immense worldwide, with more and more people becoming fascinated and joining the “Paint by Numbers” club to fulfill their desire to play with paint and create meaningful designs and patterns.
The reason for the immense success of this hobby is that it encourages people to create paintings without any prior experience. Instead, the painter simply chooses a set from our web store and produces beautiful results!

Paint by Numbers is an art form that allows you to create professional paintings that resemble the work of an expert, without the stress that can come with traditional painting. Forget about the amount of time, practice, patience, and skill needed to create a painting. All you need is a Paint by Numbers kit and to carefully follow the instructions, and you will create some of the most beautiful artworks out there!

This type of painting is all about following a set of instructions and creating a stunning piece of art. All that is required is for you to carefully match the numbers on the paint to the numbered sections on the canvas. Just follow the steps, and you’ll end up with a beautiful picture on canvas. The final product may look like a masterpiece, but it’s created with simple steps and easy-to-follow instructions.

The History and Popularity of Paint by Numbers

History of Paint by Numbers:

The concept of Paint by Numbers was pioneered by an American artist, Dan Robbins, in the 1940s while working at the Palmer Paint Company. Robbins innovated this artistic method by creating a kit that included a canvas with a numbered pattern and a set of paints. This idea was inspired by the techniques used by Leonardo Da Vinci for training his students. Robbins initially painted an original artwork, then overlaid a plastic sheet with sections for each color, thus creating the first Paint by Numbers kit. Initially intended to teach children painting basics, Paint by Numbers quickly gained popularity among adults. By 1950, over a million of these kits were sold, marking a new chapter in the world of art and DIY projects.

The Rising Popularity:

Once considered primarily a children’s activity, Paint by Numbers has seen a resurgence in recent years, becoming a popular and relaxing pastime for adults. This art form allows individuals to create stunning artworks with no prior experience. The pre-determined colors and patterns eliminate the risk of mistakes, making it a stress-free creative outlet. As a result, Paint by Numbers has become the perfect activity for those looking to enjoy the creative process in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

How Paint by Numbers Works:

Paint by Numbers is an engaging activity facilitated by a comprehensive kit, which provides everything needed to create an amazing piece of art. Each kit contains a high-quality canvas with a pre-printed design, the specific paints required for the design, and a set of brushes. The canvas is marked with numerous small sections, each assigned a specific number corresponding to a paint color.

The artist follows these numbers, applying the designated paint to the matching section on the canvas. This process is guided by a numbered set of instructions, which detail which paint to use and where to apply it. Starting with one section at a time, the artist gradually completes the painting, resulting in a beautiful artwork

What’s Included in a Paint by Numbers Kit?

Durable Canvas:
The canvas serves as the foundation for your painting. You can select from an array of ready-to-use designs available in our web store. The canvas, initially a blank white surface, gradually comes to life with colors as you progress with your painting. Choosing a canvas that appeals to you is crucial, as it’s a central part of the painting process. Our range includes various sizes to suit your preference. Explore our standard packages or create your personalized Paint by Numbers with a photo of your choice.

Each Paint by Numbers kit comes with pots of paint for you to apply to the canvas, filling in the designated sections. The paint colors depend on the specific design you choose. Typically, the paint in these kits is acrylic paint, known for being water-soluble and non-toxic, making it a safe option for children. It also dries quickly, which is convenient for any painting project.

The brushes included in a Paint by Numbers kit are specifically designed for this type of painting. They feature a very fine, pointed tip, making it easier to paint the intricate details in a painting. Additionally, these brushes are very soft, aiding in creating a smooth finish. The sizes and shapes of the brushes vary depending on the area of the canvas being painted. It’s important to take the time to select brushes that are most suitable for your artwork, ensuring precision and ease of use.

Custom paint by numbers

Paint by Numbers using your own photo is the ultimate indulgence for painting enthusiasts. This service allows you to transform your personal photographs into a Paint by Numbers masterpiece. You have the freedom to choose colors and designs to your liking. Whether it’s a cherished memory, a beloved pet, or a stunning landscape, any image you can think of can be turned into a painting. Select photos that hold special meaning to you or capture your favorite themes and styles. Our artists will then create a painting that meets your exact specifications, offering a unique way to craft artwork that you can take pride in.


A Unique Gift or Home Decor Piece:

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, or you wish to create an artistic piece for your home, a custom Paint by Numbers is an ideal choice. This service enables you to create a unique painting that will be treasured for years. It’s not just a painting, but a personal memory or emotion captured on canvas. Custom Paint by Numbers provides an opportunity to immortalize special moments or create personalized art that resonates with your individual aesthetic.

How to Start with Paint by Numbers

We’ve summarized the entire process of Paint by Numbers, so you can fully understand how to begin. Follow these steps and create an amazing artwork with your own hands.

Prepare Your Workspace 🧽

Before starting your painting, make sure you have everything set up. This means your canvas is ready, your paint is laid out, and all other tools or materials you might need are at hand. Try to find a designated Paint by Numbers area in your home, like an unused corner, a small table, or just a flat surface on the floor. If you’re working on a large canvas, consider using an easel.

Read the Canvas 🔖

First, understand how your canvas is numbered. We’ve printed the numbers in a specific order, each corresponding to a certain color. Observing the painting canvas carefully will help you plan your colors and areas better

Paint the Canvas 🖌️

Now that you’ve chosen your first color, it’s time to start painting! Follow the numbers on your canvas to fill in the corresponding parts with paint. Work diligently to avoid mistakes. Once you’re done with one color, let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next. Also, clean your brush thoroughly before proceeding.

Apply Finishing Touches ✨

Once you’ve finished applying paint, it’s time to add some finishing touches. Apply a second layer where needed and let each layer dry thoroughly. Use a brush or cloth to make the paint look smoother. Take your time and enjoy this final step in the painting process.

Let it Dry 🖼️

After completing your painting, it’s important to let it dry properly. Ensure the paint is completely dry before hanging or displaying to avoid any smudging or peeling.

Paint by Numbers Tips 💡

Use a Flat Surface 🖼️: A flat surface helps keep the canvas smooth, making painting easier and preventing the paint from dripping.
– Prepare the Canvas 🔖: Clean the canvas with a damp cloth if it’s dusty or wrinkled. Use an iron with a protective cloth to remove any creases.
– Use a Well-Lit Area 💡: Good lighting is crucial for precision in painting. Ensure your workspace is well-lit.
– Use a Comfortable Chair 🪑: A good chair provides stability and helps maintain proper posture while painting.
– Use Water and Paper for Cleaning Brushes 🚰: Clean your brushes using water and paper towels between colors.


Welcome to the Paint by Numbers Family

By embracing this hobby, you’ve joined a large community of artists with similar interests. If you have questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out to hey@paintbynumbers-expert.com or ask on our Tiktok page. Thousands of fellow painters are ready to help with any questions you have!

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Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

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