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Painting on surfaces can be a stepping stone to becoming an artist, if that is your ambition. But it can also just be a fun hobby that will give you hours of fun.

We offer a paint by number system where each surface has a specific number that corresponds to a color. Ideal for those who have the urge to paint but are hesitant to start. With this method, anyone can create a work of art that can be hung on the wall.


The process is simple. You will be given a canvas with numbers on it, each corresponding to a specific paint color. It is an intuitive system that allows you to work step by step.

You will receive the matching paint with each number. Start with one color, fill in all the corresponding boxes, and then move on to the next. You will soon see the painting emerge, something you may not have expected to be able to create yourself.


Thanks to this method, you paint one area at a time. You don’t have to choose colors or devise the structure of the painting yourself. We have already done that for you. This ensures a worry-free painting experience even if you are a beginner.

Coloring in the boxes quickly gives you an idea of ​​the end result. For many, this is a great motivation to continue. With our approach you are assured of a finished work of art, something that might not be the case if you were to start from scratch.


Do you want to start painting on surfaces? Our numbered method makes it simple and fun, even if you’re a beginner. Discover our range for both adults and children.

We provide clear instructions on the canvas with numbers to guide you. You will always know which color to use where. With a little help from us, you can complete your own work of art in no time by simply coloring the areas.

Beginner Kits

Rediscover your passion for art with our Beginner Kits. Each artwork represents an adventure, a story waiting to bet old. Seek out that mesmerizing piece which calls out to and ignites your artistic spirit.


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29.90 17.90$

Water Lilies

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29.90 17.90$

Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

Start today!

Get a sample of your photo as painting by number! Get to know this wonderful hobby!

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